The New Treat Machine

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/06/2017 05:35:00 PM

Holy nommables, doods. A while back, Kimo & Sabi's person recommended this thing to the Woman, because the Woman was whining about the effort it takes to chop real live fresh dead things into Max-sized bites, so she bought one.

You need this.

This may be the best thing she's ever bought. It made chopping up dead delicious things so easy that I get steak almost every day now, and today she used it on SHRIMP.
And it's perfect. It shreds everything, so she never worries about me choking an a not-well-chewed bite.

Did I mention that I get treats from it like EVERY DAY? Doods, I'm not not even getting paid or anything to tell you about this. It's just awesome and I think every kitty needs one.

I'm pretty sure people can shred things for themselves in it, too.

If you can't get your people to get one (and they're not even spendy) maybe remember it near Christmas and ask Santa for one.

Now excuse me, I have shrimp to devour.

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Cool ! Thanks for your recommended
Have a good day, Max !

Pawsome! Enjoy your treats and be really happy. You have wonderful people who love you so enjoy them.

That's what I call a great result, Max. Well done and enjoy those daily treats!

Ha! We're lucky that our mom opens a can. We don't hope for much else.

You are certainly living the dream now, Max! YAY!

COOL! And TBT said he has something just like that. Its a little jar that fits on the hand-held immersion blender and he never THOUGHT of that before. And since we dont like chunky stinky goodness, it is perfect.

We are expecting to have shrimp blended with NIP tomorrow!