Today is the Man's Birthday...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/27/2015 07:50:00 PM

...and that means STEAK.

I got a bunch of bites, but ate most of them before the Woman could get her phone out to take a picture.

Birthdays also mean BOXES.

There were a bunch of boxes in the living room but they had presents in them, so Buddah was mostly looking forward to being able to have the biggest one. And it's a pretty big box; he could stretch out in it and there would still be a lot of room in it.

It was big because it had this in it:

It's a Klingon weapon. I think it also means DON'T TICK THE MAN OFF. It's all pointy. I fat, it's so pointy that he put it back in the foam container it was in until he can make a display space for it, a place Buddah and I won't accidentally jump onto and wind up surprised and 3 kinds of dead.

I think he had a good birthday. I can't be sure because the people were out all day, but they came home with a couple of plastic cups with Doctor Who stuff on them, so I'm guessing they were out having fun.

If they met the Doctor, though, I'll be 183 kinds of ticked off, and something of theirs will meet a toothy death.

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Steak bites are great as long as there is no awful SAUCE on it.

The girls said the the Man's weapon was Loki's staff from The Avengers movie (we watched it fer the squillionth time yesserday) but I know it is the Klingon thing. TBT an I watch ST:TNG reruns. ~ Marley

Happy Birthday to the Man! That Klingon thing is really cool! Mr. Max all I can say is you keep on having steak and real live fresh dead things and live long and longer and prosper! You are a joy to so many people as well as a great teacher.

If you need sauce on a steak then you do not have a great cut of meat! Amen to your comment!

Steak and a box? Musta been a great birthday!

Looks like efurrybody scored for the Dad's birthday.

Wow, that is really an impressive birthday present!

I prefer the box (empty), though.

Happy Belated Birthday to the Man who passed Gas and cool beans on the gift. The Woman wants one...

dood...a happee bee lated birth day two ewe......hope ther wuz sum spare "turf" ta chow down on....

yur dad getted one way kewl present...hiz birthday two ?


N faaaaaaaaa...we hitted post bee for we could finish R commint...coz we waz tryin ta say...

yur dad getted one way kewl present...hiz birthday two ? coz we thinked EWE wuz de MAN oh de houz....

A belated Happy Birthday to you and Buddah. Oh, wait, we mean to your dad. We got a bit confused because you furry guys got steak and a present. We all know a box is one of the best presents you can receive.

roasted beast, yum. Yeah don't get impaled on that thing.

Happy Birthday to the Man. How pawsome you got some steak, Max. You'd think it was your birthday. ;)

Steak and a box? Just who's birthday is it?