Damn, I'm nice...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/03/2015 10:39:00 PM

Yeah, she was buzzed...
Ok. So yesterday the People fed us dinner 2 hours early and then left to go eat meaty things with the Younger Human. And that was all right, because it was his birthday. It was not all right when they didn't get home until late night snack time, because I had dinner early and was 2 hours hungrier.

Then the Man stayed up really late, as he does once a week, and because the Woman had had several stupid drinks with her dinner, he fed us at 4 this morning, and then asked that we not wake her up at 5 like I have been lately. I agreed, this sounded reasonable.

So I waited and woke her up at 5:30. And then at 6. And 6:30. And the last time at 7, when it was food o'clock.

See? I am a considerate kitty. Truly.

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You are WAY polite, Max! Binga would not have been so forgiving.

How very kind of you Max!

How kind of you, Max!

How kind of you, Max!

Your mum looks like she had way too much of the adult happy juice. But you were kind and didn't wake her up really early.

Having been considerate, that lets you be more demanding next day, right?

Can't believe how considerate you were about letting the very buzzed woman work on her looming hang over. Whatever she had to drink sure does produce a great smile, although I don't think you'll be seeing that big grin today. Hope you all have a hippity hop Easter!

You truly are very very considerate! How did you manage to wait till 4 am though? You must have been totally lightheaded and ready to faint! You are such and inspiration to us, Mr. Awesome!