Max's Totally Awesome Very Good Day

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/12/2015 06:32:00 PM

"Every morning, Max," she said. "Every morning, between 5:15 and 5:30. Meow meow meow meow. It's getting old, dood."

Why is she not happy? I used to sing out at 4:30. I GAVE HER AN HOUR. Cripes.

In other news, there's a Doctor Who marathon on today, so I can be pretty sure she won't go anywhere, which means she'll have a ham sandwich for lunch, which means I get Doctor Who all day AND ham!

Oh! And in other other news, not even on Facebook, my day was capped off with STEAK! I got ham, for lunch, Doctor Who all day, and STEAK!

It's not even my birthday yet.

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Wow what a day. I just had Game of Thrones (which really really ought to come with ham)

Yeah, Game of Thrones should come wif ham too!

Wow, Max! Totally awesome, dood! You deserve it though. There is no other kitty that can match your greatness in my humble opinion!

what an awesome day

Pawsome day Max! Don't you wish efurry day could be that good?

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

We bet The Doctor allus has a ham sammich in his pockets! Why not, he has everythng else there!

you got the motherlode!!!

oh wait, the mom says to make sure that your mother doesn't think we are calling her a lode. that's OUR mom.