Posted by Max | Posted on 8/07/2014 03:10:00 PM

Guys. Guys.

I found a new way to mess with a people. And it's something you can easily do, too.

Now, lately I have been napping under the bed. I like to change it up every now and then; for a few weeks I'll sleep in the closet. Then for a few weeks I'll nap in the Man's computer chair. Or on top of a climbing tower. But lately...under the bed.

So last night after snack I wiggled under the bed (because the Woman is old and ouchy, she has it on one of those low profile frames. Did she stop to consider the kitties? NO. She only thought of herself) and stretched out, and then fell into a comfortable, full-tummy slumber.

I sort of noticed when she went to bed; it creaked and moaned with her weight, but then she stopped moving so the bed stopped complaining, and I went back to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later, and unsure of what time it was, I just called out, "Hey, is it time for noms yet?"


When a person hears a cat meow from under the bed, it sounds all ethereal.

The Woman woke up, and blinked a few times, then muttered, "Holy $hit, Max. You sound like the Ghost of Kitties Past."

Or something like that.

I was too busy laughing at her confusion to make note of her exact words.

But do it. Get under the bed and meow at your sleeping people.

You'll totally sound like a Ghost Kitty, and when people are half asleep?

They'll lose their chit.

Report back.

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Dear Max, My peoples have a bed you can't get under. Report back on an alternative please. Love, Dio Kitty

MOL! I'll go under da bed and meow at my momma too! She are usually still awake though.

I hid from Mom UTB sometimes. But, mostly I'd hid from the noisy sky.
Angel Kassey

*We* only get to go under the bed when there are new cats in the house. I'm thinking we're done with that for now.

MOL! We'll hafta try that, Max.

Cool trick, Max! Maybe I can get Binga to try it.

When I am UTB I maintain radio silence at all times. Why give her information she does not need to have?

Yeah, her saying "the ghost of kitties past" is funny.

We don't go much for under the bed. But we do like to jump on and off the bed at various times of the night. Sometimes we just walk next to her, maybe lick her hair and jump off. Then sometimes we walk all over her or even just camp out by laying on her.

Great work Max!

Sadly, our bean has a bed we cannot get under. It appawently has something to do with us (and our brofurs and sisfurs kitties of the past MOL) tearing the stuffing out of the box spring of her old bed. For some reason that did not make her happy.

Have a great weekend!
Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Ghostly meows from unner the bed? We'll have ta try that.

I can so see Nobu doing something like that. LOL