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Posted by Max | Posted on 8/05/2014 07:25:00 PM

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On Friday, August 1, 2014


On Saturday, August 2, 2014

Man...after the sheer joy of the dinner the people had last night, because BACON, tonight while they were eating the Woman looked down at me--I was sitting on the floor nearby being very good--and said, "Sorry, Big Guy. This has onion and garlic."
WHY? Why do people do that? Just get my hopes all high, thinking that maybe she's learning to cook the right things and she goes and makes DEATH for dinner.

On Sunday, August 3, 2014

All right...I sat there nicely while the Woman ate a ham sandwich for lunch; I followed the rules, I was good, and she offered me a taste. But she fouled it with pickles, so I didn't want to eat it. She didn't make a fuss, she just picked it up, tossed it out, and gave me crunchy treats, and while she was at it she put a few on Buddah Pest's plate on the counter.
Well, the little chit wandered out about 20 minutes later and discovered the treats, and now he thinks there's some kind of crunchy treat magic going on here, and refuses to accept that it was my good behavior that scored him the noms. I think I need to just ignore him the rest of the day...

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Besides, Buddah STILL has more likes than I do, and that's really starting to chap my asterisk.

Other things you might have missed...well, the Woman was giving me chin and neck skritches about a week and a half ago, and she realized my collar had rubbed some fur off, so she took it off and declared it's time for a new one. She ordered me THREE new collars and they got here already, but she's not putting one on me until my fur grows back. Then I have to decide which one I want, and it's going to be a hard decision because they're all very spiffy. One is even NEON PINK!

Whatever I don't pick, Buddah will get. Not that he needs a new one, but if I get one, he gets one. Something about parity and fairness.


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We feel like we've been missing out.
Mommy rectified (doesn't that sound painful??) this by "liking" your page!

Sadly, we won't touch Facebook.

Bob found bald patches on us from our collars about 6 years ago and removed them, and Queen Munchkin's still hasn't grown back. Now we are all collar free.

Sorry, man, my mom won't budge on FB either. She thinks it is evil. But we still like you over here!

I've reversed my decision about you having a collar. The neon pink.one sounds stellar so I looked it up on Amazon and saw a really nice one with rhinestones. Even if your pink one doesn't have those I'm betting you pick that to wear.

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Dude, she got THREE collars... you don't think she's getting another cat do you?

Sorry, but I don't do Facebook.

At least it's your rejected parity Buddah is getting, but the math is a bit worrisome. Why 3 instead of 2? A new sibling could be lurking...

Mr. Awesome, you are one great dood with or without a collar! Personally, I think you look really distinguished with your collar. Many great kitties like Skeezix had collars! Enjoy!

Sorry I don't do FB since I was hacked. I do like this blog.