It's a Life...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/20/2013 04:11:00 PM

This is pretty much how my day has gone:

I've been snoozing on the back of the sofa with that stupid chicken Jax watching me, and that rabbit that never even moves right beside him. I ignored them both, though. They're quiet and even though Jax annoys the bejeebers out of me, he doesn't actually get in my way, so I didn't kick him off the back there.

The beauty of napping here? This afternoon Buddah had the munchies, and pulled out all the cute he could to work the Woman, and eventually she caved in and got him some crunchy treats.

Doods, I didn't even have to move. She brought them to me. I nommed right there on the back of the sofa and went right back to sleep.

Life is good, mis amigos.

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You got it made, Max.

wow, treats delivered. we don't even get treats anymore because the mom says we are all F-A-T

Serving your royal highness!

Max, dood, I have to agree with ya!Personal service is always nice and most especially when unasked for in the first place! Nap on, oh amazing kitty! Love, Mighty Kitty here.

It *has* been a sleepy kind of day. For some bizarre reason, the Human stayed up till like, 2-freaking-a.m. and I thought it only polite to stay up and keep her company. So really, a Boy has to catch up on his sleep sometime! But no one brought me noms in bed. That was a real SCORE, Max.

You have very well educated your human, good job ! Loupi and Zorro

Binga wishes that trick would work for her, Max - she has to WORK for her treats!

OTOH, I get them whenever I want, because I am underweight!

It can't hardly get better than getting treats brought to you in bed.

Good thinking Max, and it worked!

Breakfast in bed... lucky you!

Yeah, nice when they deliver the treats to you.

Hey dood way to go! What's with the Woman? Oh well, you got your noms.

Hi Max & Buddah,

just stopping by to say hi. Hi.

Purrs & hugs,
Finnegan, Buddy & Jazzy


Max, I wanna see your bow tie & fez.


Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Mom never puts any treat on my napping spots unless she wants me to do something. I eat them, of course, but I make it a point never to do what she wants me to do.