I Think I Broke My Brain

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/16/2013 01:53:00 PM

Dang, doods, yesterday I had all this stuff in my head that I was going to blog about, but then the Bad Things happened in Boston, and it seemed like a bad idea to out online my thinks that were pretty freaking funny.

I decided it could wait and tossed up a funny .gif instead. I mean, we all needed to smile, but posting the Really Funny just seemed wrong.

So I went back to bed and snoozed, got up and had some lap time and then some dinner, took another nap, got some more lap time and then the Woman went to bed. And that was all fine and normal, and I decided it would be all right to post my Really Funny Chit today.

This is me being annoyed

But doods, I got up this morning and ate breakfast, and was going to pour out all my funny onto virtual paper…and I forgot what I was going to write about and what was so damned funny.

I sat there and almost strained a couple of brain cells trying to remember, but it’s just gone.

I’ll keep thinking about it, but I don’t have high hopes that it’ll come to me again.

This is annoying.

But trust me…It was REALLY funny.

You'd have wet yourself laughing.

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Actually, Max, I'm glad you forgot. I don't feel like wetting myself from laughter. Maybe you can come up with something that only causes uncontrollable snorting.

Max it is days that are so terrible that some folks need a laugh to make I through. Laughter is good like medicine. As long as the laughing doesn't deal with the same subject then folks have a place of normalcy to retreat to in crisis. You are a great cat though and your restraint was wise for you so have the woman pat your head and thanks. You sure make my day!!!

That happens to me, too. By the time I get my blog back from Pretzel and Screamoline, all my funny stuff is long gone from my tiny brain.

We need to laugh that hard!

Wet ourselves????
If we were sitting on MOm when that happened, THAT would be funny! hahahahaha
We forget stuff,but Mom forgets more ;)
We are purring for all those people affected in Boston. Sad stuff dood.
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

Man, you thought you could wait a whole day? The Woman can't wait an hour. Heck, I'm not sure she can walk into the next room. Sometimes I'm amazed she doesn't forget her name. Oh yeah....she does that, trying to log into people forums as Chey...

Mum thinks her brain cells are gone too. Too much thinking at work.

Max, the mom would not like it if we wet ourselves, but we sure need a good laugh!

I think it was a rough day for all of us, Max.

We hate it when that happens! Mommy says something about it being a brain fart. MOL!

*I* do not wet myself. Pfft. *I* am a perfect gentlemancat in such matters.

Scout & I are pretty good at reminding mom when our bowl needs filling and we can remember when to take our naps, so that's
pretty good. Mom on the other paw does stuff like you describe ALL the time! Hopeless.

My Human has Halfzeimer's, but she thinks soon it might be Three-quarterzeimers. Sigh.

We unnerstand. We are still trying to figure out what say ourselfs..

Um, dood, we have a human here that does that all the time. Her brain cells go to sleep and she can't remember where she left them napping. But we're sure we'd have enjoyed your really funny.