Hell Yes I'm annoyed

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/05/2013 11:22:00 PM

They came home, and the Grandma left. Plus, they smelled all wrong. Apparently, Las Vegas doesn't have showers...

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It's enough to make you swear off ever letting them have a day or two off. They can't even respect you enough for letting them go; they come back all weird!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Ewww! Not to mention the fact that I bet the Grandma was WAY more generous with the treats.

Yeah I'd be annoyed too. In fact, I'm always annoyed when the Male returns. I keep hoping he won't.

But did they come back with ample cat toy money?

Send them packing again, Max...so grandma can come back.

WE are sorry that the Grandma went home. I hope you forgive the Woman!

We wondered the same thing as William!

They need to have Grandma come in more often. Just so you get more treats.

AW!Poor Max and Buddah!!! It is so sad when the grandma goes home and you have to get back to usual again. Poor kitties! I hope you told the grandma that she is welcome any time to visit you! Hugs! Migty Kitty

If the people had won some of those millions floating around that town you could have bought cat trees for the entire blogosphere! Dang It!

We're sorry Gramma left. Um, maybe the Beins ate weerd foods and the smells are coming through.

We're sending Chey over to sit on your Kindle. When she moves just so, it turns on for you cause like she's a wee tiny bit fat...

Ichiro and Gemini

PS Mama's all scared cause like you are such a great writer Max and she hopes you don't find all the things she shouldn't have done cause her editor wasn't as good as she could have been!