It was...disturbing...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/26/2013 01:59:00 PM

I have two of these fountains; I love these fountains. The water comes out of them at just the right speed, and it filter it so that my water isn't just sitting there all day.

But guys...once in a while these things just lose control.

Like, this morning. Something was wrong and I tried to wake the Woman up, but she just rolled over and told me to be quiet. So I was quiet for a few minutes, went back into the kitchen to double check--because the one in the kitchen is my favorite one--and when nothing had improved, I went back into the bedroom, jumped on the bed, and stood on her chest.

"Woman," I said firmly, "the fountain just peed all over the floor. PEED. Go make it stop."

"You ate already," he grumbled.

"Fountain. Peed. FIX IT."

She finally got up, stumbled into the giant litter box room and took care of all her needs before bothering to follow me across the house to see what the problem was. I marched her right to the fountain, and she looked down at it, but didn't seem to sense the urgency.

"Filter must be clogged," she muttered when she saw the entire contents of the fountain puddled into the mat they keep under the fountain for just this reason. She put a bunch of paper towels down and then said, "I'll deal with it in a little while."

I Googled "a little while." This came up...
A little while?


I could have died of thirst before she defined "a little while."

"Go use the other one," she grumbled as she headed into the living room to sit down.

The other one?


"THAT'S my fountain," I told her firmly. "FIX IT."

But she didn't jump back up to fix it. No, she was quite content to leave fountain pee pooling there on the mat, being drawn up into flimsy paper towels.

(And no, I don't drink pee. When it's IN the fountain, it's water. When it's all over the floor, it's pee. Kind of like when a person drinks from a can, that's soda or beer. When they let it back out, well...pee.

Trust me on this.)

I complained a few more times but she still didn't get up, so I went to the back of the house for a nap. And doods, when I got back up I was totally expecting the paper towels to still be there, but instead I found a dry mat and a fountain full of water and working perfectly.

I can only conclude that the Man got up, saw it, fixed it, and then went back to bed.

Because the Woman? Sheesh. Lazy.

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Dah Woman is a piece of work dood. So happy you aren't drinking pee.

if it weren't for the thumbs thing, you'd never even bother with us, would you?!

Sheesh...we can't believe she expected you to drink pee. That is so wrong, Max.

Somrtimes the people just do not get it!

at least you got a Man there to fix stuff....we only got the mom and she can be seriously hopeless sometimes.

Sheesh...we have one of those lazy mom's too! What's up with that?

No man here either to fix stuff...'cept the bean brofur and even mom says he's not reliable.

Glad to hear you didn't die of thirst!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

We must admit that our mom is pretty good at "jumping" when we notify her something isn't quite right.

Max you have done your utmost with that Woman, we've all been witnesses.


She's absolutely hopeless and untrainable.

Sheesh! Pee is terrible to drink! Poor dear Max!!! Someday your drink will come! :-) Meanwhile, Mighty Kitty has some ideas so cheer up! :-)

Heh. BOTH the humans here are lazy, and NOTHING gets done.

Yep! That would happen at our house too!

We think your Mom might be giving our Mommy pointers...this behavior sounds disturbingly familiar.

The "other" one. Is it Buddah's? Or inferior in some other way?

Not that you are not entitled to have the BEST one working purrfectly. Just wondering.

Max, thats yer WATER, its important to yer health. The Woman can't ignore that. We are porting you water. Is the middle of the kitchen OK fer that?

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my kylie has trained me to turn on the kitchen faucet when she is thirsty...perhaps you could train your hoomans to do that to :)

our the mom would have just left it like that forefur.

Humans just do not treat us well enough, do they?

Hey, Max. You know what a wuss I am. Would that fountain scare me? Is it loud? Does the water move fast? Try to imagine you were a cowardly little scaredy cat like me.