Hahaha =snort=

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/12/2013 03:36:00 PM

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Haha! Silly kitty!

THat is very silly! Thanks for sharing!

Baaaahahahaa !!!



kitty is doing tuck and roll!

Bwaa!! Haa!! Haa!! Haa!!
Me just loves it when something makes koolaid come out her nose!

Kind of makes me think of..Stop! Drop! & Roll. MOL

Dood! I has a question. Why is my older bruther so mean sometimes? I know he was here before me and I 'spect that. But all I want in to be wif the mama some nights and have some time wif her! I sleep in the room wit our two woofies! They protect me and make me feel good but some nights I just get lonesum for my human mom or a little sad Cu's when I came my bruther did let me sleep with the mama. I not a gerly Kitty. I just want to be wif her sometimes. Why Max? Is my he jealous or something?

Ha ha ha! That's what he gets for trying to give 'em a lick with the camera rolling.

MOL! That's too funny!

Purrfect dive form. Wait. We hate water! Thank goodness it's just the floor!

Just want to know what breed this kitty is cause I have been interested in a cat like this. Can anyone help me?