Things are happening here. Pink things. Pink things that I really haven't been expecting because, well, the Woman has not been especially well lately and she missed the whole boobie walk thing a couple months ago and I thought that was it for the year.

But then yesterday she got these in the mail (she wants to know who sent them. She called them a smartass but she sure did go into the bathroom quick to try them on) and took a picture, which made me wonder.

And today there has been packing. She inflated her boobie walk mattress and then deflated it, and she shoved a sleeping bag and clothes (including 3 pairs of funky tights. Oh, she loves them, even if she won't admit it) into a suitcase.

Then came the collecting together of things that have been showing up over the last few weeks. Pins that have her pink ribbon feet tattoo on them. Big magnetic signs that have the same feet on them. A giant (no kidding, Dolly Parton could fit in this thing 4 times at least) bra.

And then it hit me.


She and Diva Kitty's Mom are spending the weekend in a van, where they will yell out the window at boobie walkers (I'm guessing "WALK FASTER!") and once in a while they're gonna stop to give some lucky walker a ride. If I know the Woman, she'll taunt the people she leaves behind with something like SO LONG SUCKA!

She's kinda mean, you know.

Now, I should be glad she's going to be out there doing pink things for pink people, but doods, this is going to seriously interrupt my life for four whole days. The Man sleeps all day, so I won't have anyone to ignore. After breakfast, I won't have that giant lump in the bed to curl on top of. I don't like this, not one bit.

I bet she doesn't even bring me back a present.

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It's so rude to interrupt your schedule of ignoring her dude. How thoughtless--but good for her for yelling at folks out a window and giving them rides when they need it!

Dood, does she have a pink tutu? Those things are hella fun to play with! Good luck to the Mom and sorry you're bein abandoned and all. xoxo

No present!? Shocking! I mean, that is the least she could do if she is going to be away for four days.

I'll bet your Woman could find you a new Camo-Boobie Pink collar. Wouldn't you look smashing!

Wow! those leggy things are hypnautical. Do they make your eyes all swimmy and stuff? you better ignores them as hard as you can. good lucks and stuff.

Four whole days to treat her things to a toothy death!

wow - those tights are something else. :) we know leaving you isn't very nice, but she is gonna go yell for a good cause

Max, you'll have 4 days to come up with the most purrfect revenge!!

it's really rood when the people leave.

Hang in there Max!

OMC, I might even wear (don't laff) a onesie made of that! It seems New Neo-Neo-Goth! ~ IZA

Well, you know, I was reading over at Simba's that HIS Humans brought coffee and nuts home from Hawaii. What kind of cr@ptastic presents are THOSE???

It's furry good of your Woman to do all that pink stuff. I'm sure some of the pink ladies gets really 'zawstid.

Not much in it for you, though, is there Max? Maybe she'll buy you a pink beddy like mine?

Srsly Dood, if she makes you wear pink things, rock it out! Wear it & strut it! Then as soon as she is asleep chew just enough of the garment to incorporate pink into a lovely hairball - to be deposited on her pillow.