Ok, so the Woman was gone from Thursday morning to Sunday night, doing pink things in San Francisco with Diva Kitty’s Mom. Apparently, I was supposed to miss her or something…I heard her open the front door on Sunday and I heard her talk to Buddah, but I was nice and comfortable on top of my tower in her office, and I knew she was going to be here all night, so I didn’t see any point in getting all uncomfortable just to go make sure it was really her coming into the house. Buddah did enough sucking up for the both of us.

She came down the hall and flipped on the bathroom light, which shined onto me in the office. I did lift my head to look at her, and she muttered “Well hello to you, too, you little shit.”


She’ll get over it.

Rock the Pink boobie van
I did come out later (because I was pretty sure there would be crunchy treats coming my way if I did) and I sat in the chair next to hers for a while. She said she had about 652 kinds of fun and now she wants a giant van because it was wicked cool and easy to drive, and I have no idea what the heck that means, but hey, whatever floats her boat.

I think she’s done with official pink things for this year, but she’s gonna do an unofficial walk later, 40 miles in San Francisco to make up for missing the Avon Walk in July. She says she wants to do it because people donated a lot of money and she couldn’t walk, but she needs to do it because…well, she just said she needs to, but I think she needs to because she’s a little freak and likes to torture herself. She just needs to get through some stabby guy thing next week that requires her to drink a gallon of gross stuff that will make her test the quality of the people-litter-box on one day and then she has to let the stabby guy shove a hose up her asterisk. But after that, she’ll train for a little bit and then go for that walk.

Not on the same day, I don’t think.

I hope not anyway. She might be leaking after that hose, and no one wants to walk behind that.

In any case, she did the pink thing and didn’t hit anyone with the giant van, though she’s pretty sure she carved few years off of DKM’s life with her mad driving skills.

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Yeah the hose thing doesn't sound like fun. You know--imagine doing that voluntarily?!

Eeek! Humans are weird - they let doctors DO stuff like that willingly?!

I never even noticed that Momlady was gone all last week (?) because I still got fed on time and my box got scooped daily, although now that I think about it, there was more room on the bed for a while...
But dood, do not let her think hosing out YOUR asterisk might be a good idea too! I had it done (was needlessly tortured) a few years ago.
I'm still traumatized.

Our Dad just did the hose thing but they he said they had tow hoses that they tried to connect in the middle.

Yikes! A hose up the ol' asterisk sure does not sound like a good time. We hope she gets lots of nip beforehand.

Our mom did the hose thing in April. Hope everything goes well.

We has to tell you our mom is rolling on the floor laffing...she's silly like that! A hose up the asterisk, oh my cod, no thanks!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

MOL! The humans are funny like that. Good to hear your peep is back home and dispensing treats. Tell her good luck at the doctors. xoxo

The stabby person wants Mommy to go have that hose thingy done too, but Mom is really nervous. Plus she says the insurance doesn't pay enough of it so we don't have the money for that and the sleeping test they want to do right now. They said the hose thing is just a routine test, but she needs the sleeping test more because she doesn't sleep. How are they gonna test her sleeping if she doesn't sleep?


Better her than you, right, Max! Hope she's recovered from this by now.

So she's been off doing the pink again!
Cool van...inspirational!
Glad you got crunchy treats!

So is she going to buy one of those giant vans, do you think? Because if she did, maybe she could drive those 40 miles instead of having to walk. Just sayin'.

Humans. Who can ever understand them?

Meow from Malaysia! Au, Target and Guido