I was starting to get worried. I mean, we were down to like only 6 or 7 cans, and that's just not enough to have in reserve, ya know?

But today the people went out, and when they came back they had a bunch of canned food for us, and a couple bags if chicken wings for them, which I am assuming they will share with me. As long as I don't beg while they eat, I should get a tiny bite. That's the rule, and if they break the rule, then I get to toothy death something.

I might do that anyway.


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Man, that's such a relief to see that. I hate it when I get low on food, like only a weeks worth because what if something happens and they can't get to the store?

Horrors! Thankfully your humans are on the ball.

Do you know what it's like in my pantry? We got THE LAST CAN TONIGHT!!!

I have to go lie down now.

they so need you to keep on top of that..

Mom's on 'vacation,' she says, but I'm almost outta foods!

Whew!! That was a close one!!

Sounds like a purrfect set of rules to us!

I hope you got a bite!

Thank cod the cupboard has been filled. And we sure hope you got a bite of wings.

Gooshy foods!