Doods... Squashie from TK and Squashie needs a blood transfusion and needs to pretty quick. Please pop on over there for the details. There might be something you can do.

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We didn't even know cats had blood types!

We hope someone can help her.

We're purring that somecat can help.

The Florida Furkids

We are purring that a donor can be found!

I shared on my Facebook, and so did my human.

We tried to arrange some help. Iza got volunteered as the fat one with all the blood (no, we dint tell her). But according to the night ER vet, type B is so rare that any of us having the right bloods was too unlikely.

We can only purr for Squashies...

Thank you so much for your support, Max. It is from shout-outs like this that we were able to get a donor for our girl. (Two in fact!)
I can't thank you enough!