The Woman--having some sense of taste--likes to watch Jackson Galaxy on My Cat From Hell. Now, I really like him because he gets us, and he's making it his mission to beat into other people the things they need to know and do in order to be better cat people.

Okay, so he doesn't actually beat anyone. But I'm betting there have been a few he'd like to drop kick right in the feels.

But. The Woman likes him and watches him, but she records the show and sometimes waits until she has two or three episodes on the DVR. And doods, as much as she takes in from the show, I really hate it when she sits and watches. Because afterwards? It's like this:

I swear to Bast, she watches it and then she chases us around the house, all Let me  love you, kitty cat! Let me love you!


Mr. Galaxy, dood, it's time to flip the show and start My People From Hell, because I need this chit to stop.

Or at least get her to chse me with treats. I'd stop and turn around for that.

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Yeah I know the humans all think they learn something when really they only become annoying. But I will say, the Male got all into the da bird and now he has to play with us every night or so.

Yeah, my human tries to do the Jackson Galaxy slow blink thing over and over til I do it with her. Sorry, it ain't gonna happen! I think I did it a couple of times to get her face outta my face! My human is crazy about that Jackson Galaxy dude.

Maybe you & Skeezix could star a new blog called "My People From Hell." You'd have no problem getting contributions!

Dood, my brother Rags peed on Momlady today. I don't think Jackson Galaxy can save us, she may kill us all.

Jackson needs to rename his show My Human From Hell - it would be more accurate!

We have our human trained. She now thinks we will teach her anything she needs to know! MOL!

HA ha ha! My Human looks just like that sometimes. Creeps me out.

Haha! Head under the bed, Max, until she snaps out of it.

Run! Hide!

Hi Max, I love you. Where's Buddah Pest?

now I has the nightmares. Tanks a lots. i'm gonna have to pee on the cable box so Mrs. Whatsername can't watch this show.