I'm annoyed.

The people had the last week "off" which makes a kitty think that there will be plenty of blogging being done because HEY the people are OFF and that means HOME, with a computer turned on.

But no.

Apparently "off" means out riding rumbly bikes. And "off" means that when at home, watching 16 zillion episodes of Doctor Who.

(BTW I want a TARDIS for Christmas. Not that I was watching, too...)

It was so bad, my lack of computer time, that when I went to read my friends' blogs, there were over 400 posts stacked up in Google Reader. FOUR HUNDRED!

Clearly, I am neglected.


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Four HUNDRED?! I freak out when I see 40! And BTW, tell your humans that you missed TWO contests I had!

Max, at least when your beans were off, they came home every night. When our Mom was off a couple of weeks ago, she disappeared for a whole week. We had some stranger come into the house to open cans for us.

Also, our Mom watches that Dr. program too. It'd be pretty cool to have a TARDIS, wouldn't it?

Cody and Gracie

Max, the Beins are not treatin ya well. Time for seirious biteys!

On the other paw, we LIKE it when TBT watches TV for hours. We get unlimited lap time and that leads ta scritchies. We dont object ta that.

But we are lucky, we got a better Bein. MOL!

400? The most we ever saw was 144! A dozen dozen. And that was cuz Blogger crashed fer 3 days.

That's not fair, Max. You need regular time on the computer to keep up with your kitty friends.

Hey Max, when you get your Tardis, could you get one for us, too? Or if not, once you're zipping through time and space in it, how's about you pop down to Oz for a visit?? Ok? Cool.

Clearly. I shall call the authorities on your behalf immediately.

Hello, ASPCA? That's what we always say to Mom and Dad in circumstances like this to remind them to pay more attention to us. Tell The People that your readers miss your pearls of wisdom.

We too have been neglected. Mom and Dad have been out "trapping" three of the past four nights, including on Panda Bear and Meerkat's birthday. Hoomph.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

Yep - we agree - it may be time for some bitey revenge. Although, when our mom is "off" from work, she is usually no where to be found around here either....

Hmmm. Serious Kitty intervention is needed! Perhaps the 400 emails to wade through will make them realize that MAX is Number one!

Clearly you are. At least the Woman looks when she is gone and skims through the headlines and deletes them all when they get to be one or two hundred...

As Ayla would've said, this is the perfect time to throw up on your human's pillow. How dare they ignore you? But it is true, at least they came home at night. Mommy just told us that she's going away in a couple of weeks to visit our grandparents. None of us are coming with her. The Dad will be at home but it's not the same without the Mommy.

Oh, wow. That's serious lazy on your 'rents part.

Outrageous! Max, I can think of a few things you could be OFF on.

Max, we sure hope you a plotting a suitable revenge.

That is definitely neglect! We hope they make it up to you!

Sheesh, dey is suppose to be 'off' so dey can pay more attenshun to da kitties not play wif der toys...and a tardis would be way cool, just make sure dey don't come wif daleks!

Sheesh, dey is suppose to be 'off' so dey can pay more attenshun to da kitties not play wif der toys...and a tardis would be way cool, just make sure dey don't come wif daleks!

Yes, a TARDIS wif no Daleks!

Max, there certainly seems like there has been alot of kitten abuse in your house of late. What gives??? You need to take action soon or they will think you accept their behavior and it will become a way of life. The horror!!

Mom to Manny & Vinny

They're 'off' all right....off their rockers if they think it's alright to ignore the kittehs!

See Max, this is the problem. Despite having been let down literally thousands of times before, we kitties are enternal optimists. We continue to believe against all evidence that our Humans will learn to be BETTER.

But you know what? Nope, it ain't gonna happen.

Which doesn't mean we shouldn't make them pay double--first, for their crime, and second for our dashed expectations!