Ignoring the Woman...

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Yes, but does she storm up to you, moaning, "Why are you ignoring me?! You HATE me!!!" 'cause that's what MY human does.

You've got that move mastered... Very good.

Pawhugs, Max

YOu do it SO well.

pawsome job too!

And this is new?

Hoomins deserve that so much of the time, don't they?

Dear Max,
Me ignores my peoples all the time! They know what the BACK means!

So, do you follow the woman around so that you can turn your back to her? ;)

Excellent ignoring! But you have years of practice.

Good for you brudder! My hooman is on full ignore after she video taped me being attacked by scary, flying monsters. The were beasts with sharp bits. You can even hear her laughing. People can be so mean!

THe back of disrespect! You go Max

So what did she do this time, Max??

The Human says: Max, You look so floofy and pettable! You should totally let your Woman snuggle you if she wants to!

I figured you were staring at the firebox to get the fire going.

Still no tuna Max.

Mom to Manny & Vinny

We understand Max - sometimes it just has to be done. Otherwise they never learn!

Sometimes you just have to ignore the humans, especially if there is something you want to get out of them.

FYI, this is Ayla the Grump's family. Mom is letting us blog again over at Flock O' Fuzzies. Please stop by and say hi!

you are too darn funny, max :) thanks for making my day!!!

tigger, max and socks' mommy

And doing a great job of it!
What has she done now?

I have no doubt she deserves it. Did you get any extra shrimps out of it?