There I was, minding my own business, napping quietly in the office chair--which is surprisingly comfortable given how squished it gets by the Woman's giant asterisk on a regular basis--and was deep asleep, dreaming about giant cans of tuna that--dooods!--open on request. No thumbs needed!

I mean, this was an awesome dream and just as I was about to dive face first into some premium albacore stored in water, the Women PUNCHED ME IN THE CHEST!

Oh, she says she barely touched me, but I'm no fool. I know what a good shock feels like. I think I jumped like 5 feet.

I swear, it was like she KNEW what I was dreaming about and did it just to keep me from enjoying it.

I went back to sleep, but dang, doods, the giant tuna can was gone.

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Punched you in the chest? But you went back to sleep. Hm...I fink that was a touch brought on by your awesome delectable furs...she had to touch it.

Man that was so rude of her. I think you need to tell her exactly what you think (and that it isn't pleasant...)

Ouch! WHat is going to meet a toothy death or or you going to poop on her pillow?

Oh, man! Hasn't she ever heard, let sleeping cats lie?

What rotten luck, Max! You should jump on her when SHE is having some awesome dream!

Time to sit on her and wake her up in the middle of her dreams. Make her jump five feet and wreak her dreams.

That sucks Max. We hope you are able to dream that dream again.

Cody and Gracie

You get to have the ultimate revenge... she has to sleep sometime and then you can jump on her without warning and ruin her dreams!

The way we see this, The Woman owes you a can of albacore. The real kind, not the dream kind.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

That was one GREAT dream you were havin! Self-opening cans... Wow.

Max, next time the Woman is happy-dreamin (like those flying dreams they talk about), be sure ta lick in her ear! Or just jump on her...

I agree the woman owes you tuna after all the kitty abuse you have put up with lately. Who does she think she's messin' with. Tell her you're the Max cat and she better not forget it.
Mom to Manny & Vinny

I know only too well the tragedy of a good dream disrupted by a clueless Human.

Revenge is sweet, Max.

What's with that woman, Max??? Having a good dream ruined sucks.

Wish I could dream about food. I dream about people and then I wake up in a bad mood.

Cod! thet was awful! That happens to me all the time!!
(But its my Daddy who sits on me!)
I LOVE those Tuna Dreams!