I've had to step up my duties as office manager.

As you can see by looking at the picture on the computer, I had to start out by plopping down in front of the keyboard, because up to that point instead of actually working, the Woman was playing on Facebook and FARK. The only saving grace in this is that there are no games on this computer to further distract her.

Oh, and I'm kind of on top of the iPad so that she can't try to win more Solitaire or Shanghai. I'm kind of blocking the speaker so she can't really hear her music either, but she has bad taste in music anyway.

Someone has to crack the whip on her...she's almost done with her book and she needs to stay the frak off Facebook and the like until she's got her allotted words written for the day.

Yeah...I'm not holding my breath, either. She was shooting for 2500 today and I think she's written 25.

My work is never done.

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But how can she possibly work with your handsome self just screaming out for attention?

I can totally relate - I've had to jump on my human's desk and slap her several times today to keep her from goofing off.

Man that is such a pain. I hate it when the Woman starts wasting time and not talking to me. Ichiro, though gets his behind on the keyboard and puts a stop to it!

We are not welcome around the puter when TBT is on it. It seems our very helpful walking on the keys causes him some difficulty.

Actally, we think he is jealous. WE can type some things he cannot figure out how ta do. Like once, we separated his screen into 4 parts! And we keep closing windows when he hasnt saved them. He really should be more careful about not saving...

For a minute I thought that was a live picture of you on the computer...Max, that would put you into infinity!

And what is it with solitaire, anyway? My mom is addicted to the stupid game Russian Solitaire, always mumbling "OK, the is the LAST game" when she rarely really means it.

You are doing a good job keeping her on track!

Max, just put your paws down and make here work.

Trying to keep a human in line in such hard work! We're luck that at least ours doesn't do FB or Twitter or stuff like that.

-Fuzzy Tales

Me took over my Mom's iPad. It is now my blogging machine. So now she can't play angry birds, she has to write! Yous could try that!

We need to snoopervise our Mom too. She spends WAY too much time on evil Facebook.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Our mom is a lazybutt too.

I know how you feel! My Mom loves to play Wheel of Fortune on Facebook!!!