Being the office manager is hard work...

...but I think I have a handle on it.

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After seeing how hard you work, it tired me out. I need a nap...

We can see how hard you are working!~

Good work dude

Good job, Max!

I hope you are well paid for such hard work!

AH bless you so cosy.. Hugs GJ xx

You do look "busy"?!?

Max, we hope your salary is on par with the fine work you do and The Woman better show her appreciation with plenty of noms.

hope you get some good salary for your duties, mr. max :) enjoy!!!

Hope they give you lots of fish noms. You look very comfortable on that little bed.

You're doing a good job there, Max!

Impressive nap-blankie there, Max! And one well worth restin on after yer Manager work...

Ready for the corner office?

Oh dear Cod, Max. Is that a special blankie on top of your special cushion? I can't stand it. Where's MY special stuff, Human? Huh? Huh?

You really do have a handle on it, Max. You are doing a really special job. I hope you get a good salary including real live dead shrimp and crunchy treats.