Yesterday, the People went to San Francisco to meet up with Sandy & Tom, some friends that they've had for like 90 years or something like that. Or maybe just 20, I dunno, the Woman says the Boy was like 8 years old when she and Sandy "met" online, and he has a birthday coming up and he's gonna be 28, so you do the math.

Now, I don't begrudge them taking a day to go hang out with friends. I really don't. they haven't seen each other since right after they People gave me my forever home. Or maybe right before. It's hard to keep track. But. BUT. Proper etiquette suggests that if the kitty doesn't get to see the friends, then you bring the kitty back a present or two.

What did I get?

Well, I didn't get this giant frog!

Seriously...can you imagine how good that would have been?

I could have eaten on that thing for DAYS.

But no. Instead of bringing me home the giant frog all I got was to see a picture of it. And they didn't bring me anything else, either! I mean, isn't that where you get some really really really fresh fish? Fisherman's Wharf, where they were hanging out!

I really want that frog.

I'll settle for some fish.

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You deserve serious treats Max. We're not gonna send ya OURS, but ya deserve some.

The frog is way cool. Too bad. Imagine tipping him over and breaking it and how upset the people would be!

Did you at least get some treats?

peepul are just mean.

What?! You got NOTHING! And they were at Fisherman's Wharf?! That is cruel!!!

We don't understand how your humans could have been so cruel, so oblivious to your needs and desires. Even our mom would have brought us back a treat. Right, Mom? Mom? Mom!

-Fuzzy Tales

Pawrents! They has some nerve!! Make sure you show them the back!!

The froggie would have been awesome! You could have stood him by the front door and dressed him up in seasonal outfits & stuff. The woman missed out on a true statement piece there if you ask us....but you didn't so well just add that she could have brought you back one or two little shrimps for cats sake!

Huh. He looks a bit... untasty to us! Maybe it was a good thing they didn't bring him home. But there were many other tasty treats they could have chosen.

You deserve good treats, Max, but I don't think that froggie in the picture would taste good.

I could mail you a trout or something Max. Really.

People who don't bring the litty a good present should lose a drop or two of their blood, I think.

No real live fresh dead fish?

No fair!!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

Not bringing you back anything is not good! You probably wouldn't want the frog though. They are over-rated. We used to catch frogs and toads when we were young and foolish. They used to make our mouths go frothy.Ewwww!

My parents hardly ever bring me presents from their outings. Not fair!