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MOL! Max, are you being nawty today? Happy VD to you too!

Happy VD to you, Max. Give a snuggle to the woman for all of us!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! We're wishing you a wonderful day!

Happy VD to you to!

Max, Happy VD to the baddest dood we know!

May your VD be filled with treats, Max!

Um...VD might be misinterpreted by someone who doesn't know you, Max. But, we're all friends here, so we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, too!

Happy VD to you too!

Happy VD to you. Give the Woman a little VD love!

Well, THAT made beer come out The Big Thing's nose! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Max!

Happy Valentines Day, Max!

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Um, I hope no one gives you the gift that keeps on giving until you have to get penny-cillin. Just to make sure, I'm gonna do something I've never done to a dude before...

circle circle dot dot, now you've had a cooties shot!

Happy VD Day to you Max!

I CANNOT believe that you did that! I posted "Happy VD" on my Facebook page practically right at midnight!!!! lol. "Great minds" huh? Better yet...."great JADED minds!"
My Facebook page is Caren Osrin Gittleman if you want to see!

Ha ha ha! Happy VD right back atcha ;-)

Yous a funny cat!! Happy VD to yous too!
Love Nellie

MOL Happy Valentimes Max!
Alla Us Hotties

Happy belated Valentine's day to you Max.

Happiest of Belated Valentines Day to you Max!

The Happy VD made me think of VD (venereal disease. Sorry!!!! LOL