OK, so I'm not a Buddah fan, we all know that. But he totally gets props for getting the Woman out of bed this morning.

I mean, she deserved to be gotten up early. She got up like 90 minutes before breakfast time and went into the giant litter box room, which just got us both all "Hey! We get to eat early!" but then she went back to bed, which was just a total food tease and not very nice.

So he waited until she was back in bed and comfy, and then he went into the giant litter box room and started banging the cabinet doors. And that's really loud, all BANG BANG BANG and impossible for a people to ignore.

She she got up and chased him out and closed the door, and then tried to go back to bed, but he jumped up on the table by the bed and started talking to her. Over and over, "Get up get up get up..." until she finally said some things on the bad word list and got up.

I have to admit, I was skeptical because sometimes when she gets up early she sits down and reads email and Facebook and stuff and we still have to wait to eat, but just to shut him up she went ahead and opened cans!

He thinks he'll try it again tomorrow, but I bet she closes the bathroom door tonight, just in case...

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Scout does the door banging thing.
If that doesn't work he jumps up on the dresser and threatens to whap valuables to the floor. Sad thing is he is sometimes rewarded for it and gets food, just to shut him up as you said. Me? I'm usually waiting outside the door in the hall because I know he'll score!

Chey does the door banging thing. Ichiro does the chirping thing and I sit and purr...


I just stand next to the bed and smack her on the head...she knows the routine

I don't know how you guys - or any kitty - can get your human up! Mine will NOT do it, no matter what! I've seriously never seen anyone so lazy! She will sleep through just about anything and stubbornly stays in bed in spite of our most extreme tactics, which include Binga and me trying to pull the covers off her!

We are glad that werked! Mebbe Buddah can jus bang on the closed door tomorrow...

Our Mommy will NOT get up when we want. She is mean.
And useless.

Putter and i trained the dogs to get mom up. Sometimes she gets mad and wakes dad up to feed them but they stop and feed us first cuz our room is right next to theirs.
It is a neat trick and the dogs don't know any better. They are stupid.

LOL Darcy also hits cabinets when she wants breakfast. She's very demanding

We love the banging door thing. If she does close the door, I bet you can try the kitchen!

Hmmm, mum can't sleep late much anymore, she just gotta get up and go, so we don't have to wait for foods.

Well, surely there are other things to be banged Max. Maybe you could help too?

He does deserve kudos for that!

I have never tried this. Maybe I'll con Teddy into trying it out.