Doods. DOODS. Do you see this?

This bag SOUNDS like a crunchy treat bag. If a people opens it it CRINKLES like a crunchy treat bag. The stuff inside it when it's shaken IS JUST LIKE CRUNCHY TREATS.

But really?

This is crunchy treat fail.

The man picked this bag up and I HEARD crunchy treats. So I ran into the living room, because DOODS! He was gonna eat my crunchy treats! That is 52 kinds of wrong, but I'm not selfish; I woulda shared. I would have let him have a handful.

But...there were no crunchy treats.

The krap inside? NOT EVEN CRUNCHY! It was round and when he bit into one, it sounded SQUISHY.

Now, I don't begrudge people their squishy treats. But COME ON. They don't need to be putting them in CRUNCHY TREAT bags! That's.Just.Mean.

I think they do it on purpose.

To get a kitty all excited, and then so they can point and laugh and say "No, not yours."

It should be illegal.

It should really be illegal.

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That is like the rudest thing ever.

That IS cruel, Max! The potato chip bag makes noise like that too. Fortunately, he almost never buys that stuff.

But ya know what drives US crazy? The Big Thing stores our treats inna jar and he shakes it when we can have some an we all come running aroun him. Well and good. But ya know what ALSO sounds jus like that? His vitamin container! An he shakes one out noisily twicet a day.

Then he wonders why we are all walking an mewin around him with our hopeful desperate faces lookin up at him.

We are trying to convince him ta keep his stoopid vitamins in a soft cloth bag!

Oh, that is SO wrong! Even worse, my human got excited when she saw them - SHE thinks they sound yummy!

that really is 53 kinds of wrong!

This happens all the time at our house! A bag will rattle, it sounds just like our treat bag(s), but it's just something for our human. So not fair!

Yous is SO right! It is not fair! Did yous give your humans the back?

THat is wrong. Mac use to get treats in a jar and when Mom shakes a pill bottle, he thinks it is treat time!

Oh, poor little guy. The look on your face is priceless!

You're right - it really should be illegal. It's just pure meanness. And that look on your face really says it all.

Our humans do that to us all the times but they aren't eatin treats themselves, oh no, they are givin the dawgs treats! That is so not right! If they have a crunchy treat bag then it should be for the kitties or jail time fur them!

that is down right evil! Arrest him!

Yep, gotta have a law about that, no human foods in kittie treat bags.s

Hmm. Since I am not interested in the treats....only the Gerbers, man, only the Gerbers...I do not respond to the bag shaking.

However, I am driven mad, MAD I tell you, when a jar is opened that is

Sounds like the Man was messing with your head Max. I hope you've made him suffer.

The guinea pigs have their dried froot treats in crunchy treat bags too. Always a big disappointment to come on the run and discover the rodents are getting treats and we aren't.

Your face says it all, Max!! I think it say something like WTF - but you don't talk that way because you are a good boy!

Man, that's some major injustice, Max!!!

Wrong, just wrong...

Max we totally agree! We had the same thing happen at our house last week! Looked like a treat bag, sounded like a treat bag, but when we looked in - nope, not treats! What is up with the moms lately, huh?

I know how it goes, Max. We get all excited when our mom gets Doritos. We hear the bag, get all excited...and even though we would eat them, she never shares!

We are so behind you on this one, Max. Really, really mean!

Poor old Mom had to biggify the picture to see what was in the bag. You really should demand a bag of the kind of treats you like, Max.


It does seem a bit wrong to me. I'm glad we don't have a dammit machine here!

I've got a blog that I would love for you to check out, It's a great place for pet bloggers to come together and support each other.

Nubbin wiggles,

Ha! Ha! Ha! You expect too much little kitty. But okay. You made me thinking maybe my rabbit also think that way if I get to eat something. Good thing I always have ready treat for them in their rabbit hutches so that they don't get too excited with mine.