The Woman likes strawberries and she has them for a snack a lot of the time. It seems like every night it's either strawberries or raspberries, and dang, doods, the strawberries smell really good. So I jump up next to her and she holds one out for me--even if it's the last one--and says "go ahead, you can have a bite," but I never bite it.

I don't get it. Those things smell wicked good, but when I get close it just seems like something I don't want to eat. I keep trying, though...she has one and I want it, she offers and I don't eat it. Go figure.

Oh...and at the risk of being obnoxious--and I apologize for that--now's your chance to maybe win a Kindle e-reader. It's the last prize (for now...there might be something else later but the Woman isn't sure) being offered for donating to the Woman's boobie walk.

Now doods, we have a couple of these in the house, and the People think they're awesome. The Man likes his because it's light and he can carry around these 1000 pages books he enjoys, and the Woman likes it because, well, it's a toy and she's a toy whore. Plus, there are a TON of really cheap GOOD books for it (including MINE!) and I think the people read more now that they have them.

You really want one of these. And I really want to save the boobies. Visit the Woman's training blog at and click on the colorful DONATE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A PRIZE to toss a few bucks towards the boobies--and every $5 gets you a shot at that Kindle.

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Hi max & owner
I have toy to send to max . May I have your mailing address?

Warmest regards
Sheryl tan :)

Our mum loves strawberries too but we prefer the cream she puts on top.

My people have a Kindle too.

Instead of giving a lick, my cat likes to put his boogers on my food whenever I offer him a bite.
Apparently, if he doesn't want it, no one should.

Max, our Mom has a Kindle...and we've downloaded your books! Excellent reading, naturally.

Check out the green leaves on top of the strawberries--way fun and tasty, too! Our Mom eats the berry real close to the leaves and then--SCORE!--instant toy.

You know Max, this is how I treat ALL the Human food: shrimp, steak, chicken...strawberries. Whatever. All the smae. I am graciously offered a portion, I approach, I sniff carefully, I even put my nose right on it. But, No. I walk away, every time.

What's up with that?

Mum loves berries, straw, raze, black and blue berries. Yumm.

I watch TBT making dinner evry night. Cuz sometimes he tosses good bits to me. Well, sometimes he plays wif me by tossing a vgeble. Yuck.

But ya know what? The other day he tossed a bit of cold french fry. I loved it!!!

So ya gotta check each time...


Pumpkin cat doesn't like berries either.

hmmmm, I've never tried strawberries. I wonder why you don't want to eat them. Maybe because it is being offered to you instead of you getting to steal it. Sometimes I do that, I like to think I"m getting away with something. It makes it taste better. I got extra chicken the stinky boy dropped on the floor for me. Also some ham the other night. I like that he is eating regular food now. Especially since he is messy!

DooD! Black olives smell so yummy too, but by gawd have you SEEN them? Round like black things... who'd want to put them in their mouth? I like salad, but don't tell the other cats.

i knows just what you means about the berries, i does the same thing.

Berries are BLECCH! Give me a potato chip or piece of chick-hen and I'm a happy guy.

We think you are smart not to try the strawberries - sure they smell good and all but we think they just look to weird to eat!

Why not just try a little lick of strawberry? I like to lick things first to see if I like them.


Hey, thanks for the nice thoughts, I'm feeling loads better. no worries, it wasn't the nip. We think it was to much stuff going on. Hopefully a fluke.

Strawberries are only good for whapping around on the floor.
Thanks for stopping by to visit Scooby while he's recouperating. He's out of hiding today and looks much better, although still oozing.