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Actually had to think about that one for a moment.


My Mama snorked but i don't unnerstan'!!! does bugs haf halloween too? izzit time? does i hafta wear a costume again? i would liketa be a princess this year, like miss daisy is.


You are very dedicated to saving the Boo-Bees!

Yep--The Woman had to read it aloud to figure it out and then she laughed...

We dint get it, but The Big Thing laffed at once...

Mom was laffing so dad asked what was funny but when mom showed him he din't get it..sheesh, we woulda thawt he would catch on right away being a man and all.

Ha ha ha. The Human and I boaf laffed!

We like the Boo-Bee's and the boobies too. Save 'em Max!

It took Mommakitty a bit to think about this . . . she has small boo beez too.

*embarrassed* i hadded to read the comments to know what this was about, MOL.