Last night I planned on hiding in my mancat cave to get away from all the noise in the neighborhood. you know, the medium sticky people blowing crap up. wasn't too bad. I could hear some boomers going off a few streets over, but it wasn't hide-worthy. so I stayed in the living room with the Woman, and then watched her out the window when she went outside to watch sparklies in the sky.

She stood out there for like fifteen minutes and had to get on her tip toes a few times...whatever floats her boat, I guess. I think she could have seen the same things if she'd stayed inside and pulled a nose hair or two...inside there was cool air coming from the cool air blowing thingies. But no, she stood out there in the hot, and was all proud of herself for thinking of watching from the back yard or something.

Whatever. At least it wasn't too loud.

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The fireworks weren't too bad here either. In fact my human and I both ignored them.

We had boomers all around us. Glad that's over with!

No crazy people around here making noise either. We all went to sleep early.

Yeah, Max, the boomers weren't too loud for us either. Our mom watched some of those sparklies from inside through the window. We didn't bother...

MOLMOLMOL!!! i'm gonna tell my mommeh if she pulls a noisehair she could see a fireworky.

The Humans really seem to enjoy the loud fiery sparkly LOUD things. My Human deserted me, but it turned out okay because things were really kinda quiet around here too. Huh.

Mom is not home but where she is, it was raining and there were not many booms, either

My mom distracted me by brushing me for like a day. This was probably good anyway, since she's been a little remiss on the brushing thing and with all the hairballs we've been yakking up...

We are proud ta say that The Big Thing stayed in with us July 4th night an dint mind. He kept us happy an safe-feelin.

Yeah, he wanned ta see the splashy color bombs. But he stayed wif US...

We licked his fingers and stuff all night in thanks...

My Human abandoned me on the Fourth, but it was surprisingly quiet around here so I didn't have to hurt her when she came home.

I'm glad you weren't bothered Max.

Wow, you're lucky they were really loud here cause 2 doors down they were shooting them off. My beans stayed in cause stinky boy wouldn't like the boomies. I was glad cause he went to bed and we stayed up in the Mancave watching old Arrested Development episodes and I got goldfish crackers and extra pets.

I gotta say, you're braver than I am Max. I'd have hid no matter how loud they were. I don't get why beans spend time in the gross heat. It is just another reason why we are superior to them