One good thing about all the walking practice the Woman has been doing...since she gets up earlier, I get fed earlier. Sometimes she doesn't feed us before she goes outside to practice, but the Man comes home from passing gas around the same time, and he goes ahead and opens the can since she might be gone all freaking day.

Then on the flip side, I get dinner earlier than I was, too. This meets with my approval.

She says tomorrow she is not going to go outside and practice, so I'm hoping I get some quality lap time. That's been sorely lacking lately...her lap has been woefully unavailable, and I really like napping on it. It's squishy. Not much beats a squishy lap to curl up on.

Well, except for real live fresh dead shrimp. I'd give up a lap nap for some real live fresh dead shrimp.

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I think that all that feeding is a good thing! Early food is good food!

At any rate, I hope her foot is feeling better.

I'd give up a lot for real live fresh dead shrimp.

We like that the Woman is saving boobies, but having to sacrifice lap time does seem extreme. The very least she could do is provide you with real live fresh dead shrimp.
oh yeah... and we like the picture.
~Casper and Angel~

Feeding times are very important. We had our schedule RUDELY altered yesterday and we didn't like it. Not one bit.

Mum can't take of picture of it but I, Derby, like to head bonk her boobies when she is drying off her legs and feet after a shower. I make sure I give them a good bonk too.

With all that walking she's been doing, Max, we hope that lpa is still squishy enough for you!

I'd be a little worried that she's gonna turn all hard-body & muscle-y and that the squishy lap might be a thing of the past! Still it's for a good cause, and maybe it'll get squishy again afterwards.

You should definitely get shrimp.

Hm, we wonder if her lap is going to be squishy now since she is doing all that walking - we bet it won't be as squishy as you remember. But still, lap time is good no matter what!

And so are early breakfast and dinner!