Oh man.

I've smelled some pretty awful things in my nine years, a lot of it owing to having lived with Hank the Dog and now Buddah. But dooods? Have you ever smelled a people after they've spent hours walking to nowhere?

I have. And it's not pleasant.

The Woman smells like...well, pee. I don't think she peed on herself, it's more like a cloud around her. She says it's her sweat, she just sweats ammonia or something that smells like ammonia, but doods, I know what pee smells like. And she smells like PEE.

The only redeeming thing is that her armpit tastes pretty good. Very salty.

Oh, she wasn't happy when I took a lick, but she was the one sitting there leaning back with her arms over her head. Those pits were fair game.

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Are you sure you weren't doing your civic duty by trying to clean her up a bit?

Dood, there's nothin' new under the sun. People are weird..walkin' to no where, funky sweat-they're just weird. And I'll bet she did NOT appreciate your attempt to de-funkify your immediate surroundings by givin' her a headstart on her post-walkin'-to-no-where ablutions, now did she? See? Weird.

We haven't figured that species out yet either!! Very strange.....

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Smells like pee?

Better not let the other Lady Boobies Walkers know ... or they might vote The Woman off their team!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

We dunno, Max...we wouldn't want to lick our mom's armpit....

Yoo licked a human armpit? Ewwwww!

Holy Cats! Max, consider the people-cooties!

Ewwwwww, Max. Just Ewwwwww. You could at least have waited till she licked herself clean a little.

I agree with Spitty. Ewwww.

Yeah, mum can smell pretty ripe after working outside too. We haven't tried the armpit lick, yet....

Sweat Salts are GOOD LICKIN!

I know just the weird, stinky sweat you are talkin' about. It sometimes happens to my Mommeh when she works out extra-hard.