It will make you ded from the cute...

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Step one - visit Max's blog. Step two, turn up volume and click play. Step 3, watch cats FREAK OUT at the kitten sounds! Well, that is how it was at our house at least!

I died from the cuteness!

Great. Now my mom wants one.

We've been so out of it I totally missed your birthday, Max! I hope you got more than shrimp. You need steak and toys, too. What did Denny get you?

Oh, and the spine fix-it guy? You probably wouldn't want him in your house. What he does is mean.

Aww, too much cute!

Feeding kittehs: Contact sport requiring a sport cup.

The kittens are just so cute that you want to reach out and pet them. How did Buddah react to this video? And, how is Buddah, he hasn't blogged in 56 days?


Cuteness overload!

1. Get 2 more bowls.
2. Put the kittens in the bafroom until the food is set out.

Too much cute!!!

Oh my goodness!! Cuteness X 4!!!
Your TX furiends,

Cute cute cute! Sounds like our house when we have that many fosters! We have just two fosters now, and they're not very mewey.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Geez...will someone PLEASE feed those starving kittens!

Thanks for posting this, Max. It made Mom's day. And we liked it too!

Quite the little chorus!
Darling, but annoying aren't they Max?!

The Human just went ::Thud::

Thanks, Max. Who will feed me now?

Those kitties sure wanted their nom. I like the one who kept getting into the dryer to get up higher.


Oh my Ceiling Cat! Those were some hungry kittens!

We've watched this video more times than we care to admit. Those kittens are unbelievably cute.