"It's hot outside!" the people keep whining. "Hot!"

So explain to me why they keep going outside? The Man was out there a good part of the day ripping some of the patio cover apart; he only got like a corner of it off, but he was still outside when the box thing by the TV said it was like 95 out there, and when he took a break, they both went outside again!

Look, we have a cold air blowing thingy so it was nice and comfy inside. But still, they kept whining about how hot it was, and then kept going out there!

I have no complaints, because I'm smart enough to stay inside, and plus they came home with like a hundred cans of Stinky Goodness, but still... Outside + Hot = Stay Inside.

It's very basic math.

Even a caveman people could do it.

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Yup, we kitties are definitely smarter than our humans. I am smart enough to stay inside, too, while my Mom complains about the wind, then goes back out in it.

I don't understand humans at all.

Our humans are the same way. We just don't understand them!

Yeah, hoomins are just not bright creatures.

We was worried cuz u not write much but if just cuz of dum hoomans its ok We miss you when dum hoomans get in the way. Our manager looks for boobie walking all the time and tells us woman is talking not you. Stupid hoomans. Stay cool! LOL

I know what you mean ... there's no beating the AC. Huggy Bear has the best plan: he lays directly on the air vent.

Max, try a cold A/C breeze while laying in a sun patch. OMC! Fantastic. Warm AND cool at the same time.

How very rare - I have been writing to my cat, Janit, for years now. Never once has she cared to reply and here I find cats are quite able of written communication.

We shall have words

Max! I(We) love your blog. We wish you were able to write more but we understand why you can't. We totally get the HOT thing. We don't like the heat either, except for the dog, and they call her my sister! Can you believe that? I like to lay right on the vents. Anyway I don't have my own blog, I am working on that but my mom does and well, I am sure you know how tht goes, she is on the computer most of the time therefore not allowing me much time on the computer. I have been wanting to comment for awhile now, and I was finally able to.
Stay cool.

It's really too bad that humans are not any close to as smart as cats...

We don't get it either! Mom tries not to go out!

You know, they go outside when it's freezing cold too, when inside is all warm and toasty.

When I ask, the Human just says, "It's a people thing. You wouldn't understand."

Huh. Like I'd want to!

Humans don't always think straight, they complain about something but don't avoid it.

I would have stayed in if it was 95 here! (I'm human.) It's not so bad here right now and it was actually cool up until yesterday when the humidity kicked up.

yeah, we kitties are way smarter than the humans. i've been laying on the cold blowey vent or hanging on the sofa in the ManCave (it is nice and cool down there).
Not only have my beans gone out into the major heat, they actually work on the yard and yank weeds. duh. Then they say "it's not so much the heat as the humidity."
makes me want to hack a hairball

Go boobies! We'll head over there now. Mommy got her green papers last Friday so we have some leftover

I still go outside, but only for a little bit ta watch some birdies closer up...


So that's where our heat went. It all drained west to you!

People are weird, aren't they?