Finally, Buddah is the one that gets kvetched at. Well, actually the Woman whined at both of us, but she looked at him and said, "I feed you both the same thing, so why do you drop litter box bombs that make my eyes water? Max doesn't do that."

Well, not for lack of trying...

It was just nice to have her unrefined snark aimed at someone else. And the house does stink thanks to him. I think something crawled up his butt and, twice.

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Heh, Monty Q does that! I am lucky not to get whined at by my Mom.

Merry Christmas!

It is amazing how some kitties can create a big stink and others don't!

hee heee!!!!

That is so funny - I think I have said the same thing to some of my kitties! When your eyes water you konw something is weird there!

I think that same thing that died twice made an appearance in our box from Chase.


That sounds like what goes on at our house, 'cept I'M the once who gets blamed for the "stink bombs". Do they forget 3 other cats live here and use the litterboxes!?!

Max S.

Heh heh. Boy came upstairs the other day and said "Mom, something smells really bad in the laundry room." One of us laid down a big smelly one but we're not admitting who it was.

Maybe Buddah has different kinds of intestinal flora that create the stinkers.

This give me a great gift idea that you could give to your mom, how about a gas mask?

Wow! My bro Tommy is the stinkiest cat I've ever smelled. I feel for you Max.

Every cat's innards are unique, some of us process stuff more stinky than others.

I'm too much of a ladycat to do that. What mom? Not me!!!

Hah, Speedy is skwirty but doesn't stink dat bad. Sadie, well, fur a lady cat she really leaves some eye waterers...::owe, owe, stop whapping me! Owe!:: Okay, Sadie never's da leaning over dat makes mom hold her breath and her eyes water. Of course, Zippy is so purrfect. She either goes outside so no one can smell it or she goes in her private box and buries it deep so no one can smell it. Shoot, mom sez she can't even tell when Zippy goes cuz it don't smell dat bad.

Now you can rename Buddah Stinky!

Some body has been helping themselves to something they shouldn't eat.
Mia does the same thing. Sigh ~