Dooods. DOODS!


I hope I can be good until then...

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I am sure you can manage it, Max.

You can do it!!! Just a few days... then you can be really bad for awhile after that. By next year Santa Paws will have forgotten!

Hmmm, I dunno, Max. A week is a pretty long time. Maybe you can take a lot of naps?

Try your best to just sleep your way through it. Sleep is always a good option.
Is the Woman going to invite The Boy and Butters over to open presents? Maybe she'll cook a fantastic dinner too (sorry, we got carried away...)

But you're always good!

A whole week??? Oh mine goodness. Dat's like furever to be good.

Cool stuff! We get ta open ours on Monday... And we really hate waitin!

I get to open mine on Monday too! Mommy celebrates Yule, and that is on the 21st. Then on christmas she celebrates with her family, and her Mom has MORE toys for us!
I am sure you can be good for that long. Or if you are naughty, just hide the evidence! And if you get caught, look really sorry!

Dang, a whole week? Dat's a long time to be good...

You can do it Max!

We are going to nap as much as possible. We think will improve our chances of staying off of Santa's naughty kitty list.

We know it will be hard, but you can do it!

You can do it Max! We're counting on you!

Moe and Carmela

Oh man, it is tough isn't it? I hope your humans don't put something doofy on your head again. Then you'd have to retaliate. But, I think Santa would understand that.

Nice Secret Paws gifts! you made out like bandits. Awesome.