Ohmygosh doods, our Secret Paws package got here today! Our Secret Paw was Gracie, and boy was she generous! I mean, I actually played with stuff today!

It's here!
We inspected it before it got opened...

Crunchy treats! TEMPTATIONS!!!

Head rub
Mmmmm...Kitty crack toy...

What we got
See! Gracie was really nice to us!

There are more pictures here...

Thank you, Gracie! We are going to have a most excellent time playing with our new toys, and I can't wait for the Woman to give me some of the treats!

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Gracie did great! That looks like a wonderful Secret Paws present.

That is wonderful Secret Paws presents!

Great stuff guys!

Great stuff, have fun playing.

Aw, Max!! Looks like Gracie hooked you up with some great stuff!!

I came to say that I got my secret paws package from you toda.. Its brilliant .. Thank you so much.. It is even more special because I didnt know you before and now I hope we will be new friends.. I love everything.. Thank you.. Hugs GJ xx

Buddha is eating Santa Paws!!! Y'all got some great stuff there, guys.

Wow, you got quite a haul there!

That is a great package that Gracie sent to you.

Well, we know ya don't directly ask fer prezzies, Max. But we are glad ta see ya got one!

Hey there Max!

We just had to come over (from Ginger Jasper's blog)and inspect the kitty that calls itself 'Max'.

This is MAXDOG here(a friend of GJ's)....pleased to meet you! Wow, I never realised that kitties were so generous - judging from the pawsome gifts they received.

Wishing you a very happy Chrismas!
Lots of licks

Hi we saw Ginger Jasper talking about his new friends and wanted to come by and meet you! It looks like you got a great package from Gracie - she is so cool! It is great to meet you - we can't wait to find out more about you! You can stop by and meet us if you would like to - our blog is in our profile!

Great pictures! I haven't been here since you wrote about your barfing, so I enjoyed all the things you wrote since then. I have the same toy sandy cat.

What a great bunch of loot!

What a great box of gifts! Did you get to play in the box afterward too? Boxes are super fun!

I saw you started to follow my blog! Thanks Max! I love getting new followers, and you are one of my favorite cat blogs, and the one that introduced me to the cat blogosphere, and convinced me to blog too!

Brilliant secret paws. FAZ