The Man was off work for something like 10 days, which chewed up my potential blogging time even more than the Woman's pretense at work has been.

They went and did stuff. Like going to movies that I WANT TO SEE and then they went to San Francisco and SAW STUFF I WANT TO SEE.

They saw these jelly fish at the Aquarium by the Bay:

Jelly fish

I wonder how that tastes with peanut butter...

They saw this girl kitty:


I would like to meet the girl kitty. I think we'd get along. She looks kinds snarky, too.

The Younger Human looks like he had a bunch of Stupid Drinks

The Boy

but he didn't, because he was the one driving. The People are too chicken to drive in San Francisco,so he did it for them, and the Woman sat in the back seat screaming WATCH OUT! a lot.

And SOMEONE got a present, but IT WASN'T ME!

Butters & his snake

That woofie Butters got a snake! A GIANT SNAKE! And they didn't bring ANYTHING home for me!

I'm wounded. Truly I am.

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