There's an orange Intruder Kitty that wanders into our yard, but we don't know yet if he's an Evil Intruder Kitty, a garden variety Rude Outside Kitty, or HappyFunTime Kitty. We keep running to the window to see him, but as soon as he sees one of us or a person, he runs away. He must be shy, or maybe he thinks we're evil INSIDE intruder kitties! For all I know, he thinks the yard is his, but I'm pretty sure he's not paying for it, so he needs to rethink that. Or pay rent.

There's also (possibly) a rat running around in the bushes out front. The People kind of want to set rat traps or bait, but because we know there's at least one outside kitty hanging around here they won't risk it. Because really, who wants to hurt a kitty when a rat is the real target? And I know rats can be nice and fuzzy and make good pets, but these aren't the kind of rats you want to have around. They're gross and scuzzy, and carry diseases like Hanta virus and have to be dealt with. There's already bait in the attic where the roof rats live. Or lived. The People kind of hope they ate it, ran outside, and croaked.

Oh, don't be looking at me as some kind of rodent serial killer. You know you wouldn't want non-pet rats in your attic, either. (And don't worry that outside kitties will catch those rats and eat them, and then die. The bait they use in CA doesn't have a secondary kill factor. Using bait like that is against the law, and we're pretty sure the Pest Guy is a law abiding citizen of rat doom.)

Maybe the orange outside kitty would like to eat them for us? If he would, he could stay in the yard all he wants, rent free.

Don't look at me like that. I'm not eating any rat. I won't even eat bugs, what makes you think I'd eat something that might try to eat me back?

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