January 20, 2009

Doooods...we survived.

Now, I know I've done this like 7 times before, but you never really get used to it. I knew it was going to start out with me being locked in a room (either a bedroom or giant litter box room) and I knew this time it would be with Buddah, which really made it blow monkey chunks. He gets really annoying when we're locked in a room together, so I hid in the closet most of the day Saturday, and only wandered over to the door to howl "Owwwwwwwttttt!" every 15 minutes or so.

And even when you know it's gonna happen, it's still a surprise when you get let out of the room and most of your stuff is gone. Buddah and I both ha to slink around the house looking for things, you know, just in case this was all a trick and the furniture was hiding behind door number two. But it wasn't, so I didn't try to fight it too much when the People picked me up to shove me in my blue plastic tomb. True, I meowed the entire car ride over to the new house, and that made Buddah meow, too, but that's all right because the People appreciate our vocal efforts.

And dooooods! The house! There are no stairs, which sux, but I can jump on the kitchen counter and get to the top of the fridge, and from there I can jump on TOP of the cabinets! It's dusty as crud up there, like about 12 dozen bunnies were there and exploded all their fur out in tiny, tiny pieces, but I don't care. It's a fun vantage point.

I gotta admit, when we first got in here I was a little freaked out. I mean, all our stuff was here (or most of it anyway...I still don't know where my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower is) but nothing smelled right, so we had to run around like our butts were on fire, back and forth and from room to room and back again just to take it all in. And that first night I found it necessary to sleep on the Woman's head. You know, just to make sure she felt safe in the new house. And Buddah slept on top of the Man to make sure he was al right. We're good kitties that way.

The people still have a few things they have to move, and the house is filled with boxes and boxes and more boxes, so it really does look kinda crappy, but the first thing they did was get the Dish set up so I can watch Animal Planet, and just a few minutes ago the Man got the DSL working so I could get online (the Woman cheated and got online without it a little while ago, but she's not sayin' how...)

I'm not sure how much visiting I'll be able to do yet. There's still a lot of work to be done around here and I have to snoopervise or it'll never get done. I miss my buds, though, so I may have to sneak on and visit some blogs when no one is looking.

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