First rule of being in a new house: any time the Woman makes a lap, IT BELONGS TO ME! Buddah just can't seem to keep this rule straight and I keep finding him curled up in her lap when it's MINE. So I've taken to growling at him again. This gets me in trouble, but it's worth it if it makes the little monster remember his place in the Psychokitty Hierarchy.

I'll be glad when all the stuff is put where it's supposed to be; even though jumping on all the boxes is fun, the clutter just makes this feel like Not Home Yet, and no one can completely relax. Yesterday there was not much putting away of things because the People whined about being "exhausted" and "achy," which are really just euphemisms for "lazy" and "unmotivated."

Today the Woman SAID she wanted to put stuff away, but the Man was sleeping all day and she didn't want to make any noise. Well, he's awake now, and do you think she's doing anything other than nothing? Of course not.

I should start growling at her, too. Maybe it will motivate her sorry asterisk.

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