Oh man, the lady that owns this house is gonna be super p$$ed! Today a bunch of guys were in our backyard, and they took apart the little house that went over one of the outside bathtubs. It's called a...a...guzebra, I think. The Woman says it's really better called a Pain In The A$$ because it made it really hard to get in and out of that tub. Still, I don't think she's going to be very happy about it. The People, they don't seem to care that there were strange people in the yard taking it part. Heck, the Woman even lent them some TOOLS. And there was another Woman there, I heard the Woman tell the Man she's the owner lady's sister, and SHE helped, too! Mostly her help was standing there saying, "You missed unscrewing that piece." I think the men doing the work found that very helpful.

My people like the owner lady, so I'm really surprised they aided and abetted the taking apart of her guzebra. They have to know it's going to hurt her feelings.

In m-word news, we still don't know when we're going. Whatever had to close didn't close and the People are upset with the whole wide country. I think that's just a nice way of saying everyone is fat... but whatever, they blame the whole country for not signing 2 pieces of paper that will close up the house so that we can move in.

I hate to tell them, but if someone closes that whole house, I don't think there will be a way to get in anyway. Maybe one of the rats chewed a hole in a wall and we can get in that way.

Oh...the Woman says it's Countrywide, not a wide country. I still bet she thinks everyone is fat. She can get rude like that.

I hope this gets fixed soon. I don't want to move but we're all tired of just waiting for someone else to do something. Well, the People are tired of waiting...I'm tired of their whining. I'm also tired of boxes being everywhere. Most of our toys are in a box! The Woman left out 3 each for us, but the one I want most is in a box. No, it doesn't matter than I never played with it before anyway. I want it now and that's all that matters.

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