The M-word is tomorrow.

In the morning the People will lock Buddah and me in a room, and they'll make all kinds of noises that will freak us out because we can't see what's going on, and when the door finally opens, our stuff will be gone. And you know what comes after that...a trip in the blue plastic tomb for me, and the evil PTU for Buddah. That's the part I hate the most, never being sure if I'm going someplace fun or the stabby place (and so far, it's NEVER been someplace fun.)

And today! Today I hear that we're going from the sweet, sweet broadband connection we have now to DSL. They bought a house in a place that doesn't have cable TV! WTF were they thinking??? Oh, they SAY we'll have a "dish" and that's just as good. Well I already HAVE a dish and I eat my Stinky Goodness off it, and that sure as heck doesn't get me Animal Planet!

Anyways, I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog again or visit anyone else's blog. This really, really, really bites.

I hope Buddah doesn't get misplaced this time. I mean, I'm not especially fond of him, but if he goes missing, the People get upset, and then I get fed late...


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