Okay. So the people have some pressing need to invoke the M-word again, mostly because they are mean and horrible people bent on making my life miserable. Well, that and the lady that owns the house we're in is trying to sell it and the M-word would take effect anyway, but still. I think they're enjoying my misery a little too much.

So they say they found the perfect house, and offered the people who own it ALL OF MY MONEY. And today the other people said YES! WE LOVE PSYCHOKITTY MONIES! But then the Man and the Woman said because this is a short sale, it might take a long time.


I'm pretty sure that makes it a LONG SALE and that somewhere along the way both my people sneezed and LOST THEIR BRAINS.

So if you see a lost (little) brain, let me know. It's theirs. And yeah, only one, because I'm pretty sure they share it on alternate days.

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