found-kitty-1Hey, remember this kitty? She's the one who tried to take up residence in the rumbly bike room last December. The people looked and looked for her family but never found them, and then realized she didn't HAVE any people, so they found a family for her.

(The Woman still wishes she had kept her. But...)

The Man got to talk to the lady that arranged for her neighbors to be the kitty's family. Her name is Snowball ( was Angel for a little bit) and they let her have one litter of kittens before they got her lady gardenectomy, and they kept two of them and then found happy Forever Homes for the rest. So now she has a boy kitty who is probably NOT like her brother, and she's a Mom! And she gets to stay their Mom. But I bet they don't listen to her much anymore, because I know what teenagers are like and that's when they stop listening.

But, the main thing is she's happy and healthy and her Forever Home turned out to be a really good one.

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