The Woman was sweeping litter off the bathroom floor and said, "You guys kick a lot of litter out of the box."

I did not reply, since she had not asked a question was was stating the obvious. Stating the obvious only gets a person a DUH stare.

Then she said, "As soon as I leave, you're going to climb in there and kick more out, aren't you?"

Again, I did not answer; clearly she had asked a question, but it was another DUH type thing coming out of her mouth, and lacking the ability to roll my eyes like an adolescent human, saying anything was pointless.

She finished sweeping and said, "Can you at least not do that again until tomorrow?"

To this I replied by climbing into the box and staring at her with a You've had me six years, and you have to ask that? glare.

Then I stared death rays at her head, and it exploded.

Well, ok, maybe not, but cripes she talks a lot.

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