I jumped up on the bed this morning to tell the Woman she'd slept long enough and it was time to get her lazy butt outta bed, and I caught this whiff of something...it was amazing. It was like fresh live dead shrimp and tuna and ocean whitefish Stinky Goodness all rolled into one. I had to investigate it, it was just so intriguing.

And you know what she did? She practically yelled at me to get my head out of her left nostril! Like it's my fault that she's obviously been snorting the good stuff! I tried to stick my head in her mouth, too, because that smelled just about as good. She made me get off the bed then, mumbling something like "I don't need a furball, you furball."

You gotta figure, somewhere around here there's a bunch of fresh live dead fishy things, and I'm not getting any. They're holding out on me, and that's just not very nice.

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