All last night the Woman got all bent out of shape because she couldn't sleep and said it was Buddah's and my fault. First she got upset because we wanted in the Younger Human's room; all I was doing was sitting by it saying "Hello? Hello? Let me in, please!" I was very nice a polite and respectful, because that's the kind of guy I am. She didn't appreciate my manners.

Then Buddah stretched up on his back paws and tried to turn the door knob. He couldn't open it, but he did manage to jiggle it, and it made a very pleasing pinging sound. Ping ping ping ping. And he only did it a few times, but she found it annoying

After that we played Thundering Herd Of Elephants and ran not just up and down the stairs, but the bookcases as well. Did she thank us for keeping ourselves amused? No, she threatened to duct tape our furry little butts to the chairs at the table.

At 2:45 I realized we had been a little quiet for a while and she was probably asleep, so I jumped on the bed, walked up the whole side of it, and head butted her in the face.

Oh yeah, I did it.

That's what SHE gets for waving a little piece of Twinkie over my head and saying "Dance, kitty, dance!"

I did NOT dance.

I may have walked back and forth and in circles, but only because I wanted to keep my eye on that Twinkie, lest she decide to try to eat it. I did not dance.

I might let her sleep tonight, but I might not. Maybe I'll walk in circles all over her body and hiss "sleep, *#@%^, sleep!"

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