We have one of these.
It's not like a space heater, it's a heater thingy that only heats up the person or kitty sitting in front of it. At the risk of sounding really stoooopid, I big pink puffy heart this thing. It's one of the most awesome things ever created.

But the Woman has not turned it on for me yet. And Buddah doesn't even know of its magnificance! The Man has used it in the bathroom while he soaks in the tub, but I'm not about to lie on the edge of the tub just to get some heated wonder going.

So, since the Woman has not yet used it in the office...turn up the freaking heat!

I heard the People talking about Christmas earlier...I'm hoping that means that we get our inside tree soon, and then Santa will come. I had a hard, hard year, so I deserve a really good present, right???

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