Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had as much fun as Buddah and I did. He was like a little crackhead, but I got into it, too, mostly trying to jam my head into the biggest box of crunchy treats I've ever seen. There were lots of toys, but honestly, I just wanted the treats. And the People gave us tons of treats today, even some turkey and ham. The little crackhead that he is, Buddah likes ham more than turkey. I mean sheesh, it's turkey!

Oh, and in spite of the picture, Buddah really isn't bigger than me. He's actually a lot smaller still. The Man took the picture so I'm not sure what he did, but Buddah does look big in it. I'm not sure he's ever going to be as tall as I am, so if he winds up weighing as much he's going to be really FAT. But it's ok because I don't think he cares. As long as he has toys and someone to tell him how cute he is he's happy.

That won't be me. Nope.

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Happy New Year to you! I think you are bigger. ;> 00 Muddy,