I've been sitting here, thinking, in between bouts of trying to get someone to feed me early. I feel like I really missed someone special by not finding Eppy's blog sooner, and I know there are prbably lots of other kitty blogs out there and I want to know all the good kitties of the blogosphere.

So please, take a look at the links I have to the left right; if you know of a kitty blog that's not there, please tell me in the comments. I want to visit them and spread my snarkiness around.

Oh, and since I don't know if Buddah will brag on himself, yesterday one of the rude cats came to the back door while he was sitting there, and he popped the glass just like I showed him, and tried to make a ferocious growl (he doesn't quite have that down yet) and he made the rude kitty go away.

He did it good enough that I rewarded him by letting him be on top of the climbing tower with me for a while last night, and I didn't try to stuff him down the hole.

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