Ok, no matter what I say to the little bugger, I can't get Buddah to mess with the Christmas tree. I've told him how fun it is, I've told him it annoys the People which makes it even twice as much fun, and I've told him that if he can get to the top without knocking the whole thing over Santa will bring him an extra toy (I'm pretty sure about that last one. Santa would be impressed.) I've even told him that I can't mess with it until he does, because it's tradition for the youngest to get first whack at it, and I'd really like to mess with it, so he needs to.

But he won't.

He's rubbed against the lower branches and sniffed hard at the fiber optic thingies, and he likes to get behind it, but he won't chew on it or bat at it or climb it. What kind of cat is he??? If he doesn't start screwing around with the tree, I certainly can't because I don't want to hear any "Oh, be more like Buddah" crap, but I want to bite the tree! I want to play with the dangling thingies!

Buddah ruins everything!

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